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Get started with thought leadership!

In this episode of the Pivotal Leader Podcast, Simple Strat's CEO Ali Schwanke talks about culture, talent, and building an infrastructure to generate leads through thought leadership. 
You'll be challenged to think about things like:

  • What is your position in the marketplace?
  • What types of topics are you qualified to talk about?
  • Why would someone choose your company?
  • Where in your sales and marketing funnel can you insert innovative ideas and concepts?

Grab a copy of the thought leadership cheat sheet!

Download the Cheat Sheet:


Start with People.

A thought leadership strategy starts with people. Who in your company has the experience and expertise to create a unique point of view?


Develop a Plan.

One article isn't going to cut it. Thought leadership and attracting new clients and talent requires strategic effort, and plan!


Find a Partner.

Visit our services page to learn how we develop thought leadership programs that lead to higher visibility and brand awareness.

I LOVE this episode. This one is a game changer for me personally. Thank you!!!!

Gina Trimarco

Pivot10 Results